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Dmitry Gurovich


Mr. Gurovich was born in the former Soviet Union.  Growing up in that country, Mr. Gurovich personally witnessed countless incidents of government abusing its powers at the expense of the individual.  Since early childhood, Mr. Gurovich had decided to fight for individual rights, against the abuses and tyranny of government.  This is why Mr. Gurovich had never joined the District Attorney’s office.  That would go against everything Mr. Gurovich believes in.

Mr. Gurovich is an alumni of the University of California at Los Angeles and Loyola Law School, where he emphasized the study of constitutional and criminal law.  Upon graduating law school and passing the California BAR Examination in 1995, Mr. Gurovich began his criminal defense career in the Los Angeles area, handing hundreds upon hundreds of State and Federal criminal cases in California as well as numerous other states.   He is respected by both Judges and Prosecutors alike.  His dedication to his clients yields outstanding results in every single case he is involved in.   Mr. Gurovich and his partner Mr. Berk personally handle each and every case.  Your case will be in the hands of a highly skilled, experienced and passionate criminal defense attorney.

Elon Berk


Mr. Berk received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in human resource management.  Since the time he could remember, Mr. Berk was interested in the personal rights and freedoms afforded by this great country.  This was the reason Mr. Berk decided to pursue the study of law upon graduation from college.  He remained in the Los Angeles area and completed his legal studies at the Pepperdine University, School of law.  Mr. Berk began his legal career when he was hired by Mr. Dmitry Gurovich as a young associate in Mr. Gurovich’s growing legal practice.  Withing no time, the practice began to grow due to the dedication of both, Mr. Berk and Mr. Gurovich, in providing excellent criminal defense services to those accused by the Government.

Mr. Berk has handled hundreds of State and Federal criminal cases in California as well as other states.  Specifically, Mr. Berk and Mr. Gurovich have represented clients in California, Arizona, Utah, Pennsylvania, Washington and Texas.  Mr. Berk is highly regarded by judges and local prosecutors due to his professionalism.  Mr. Berk’s dedication to each and every client is clearly evident in the outstanding results in every single case he is involved in.   Mr. Berk and his partner, Mr. Gurovich, personally handle each and every case.  Your case will be in the hands of a highly skilled, experienced and passionate criminal defense attorney.

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Los Angeles Criminal Attorneys

Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at Gurovich, Berk & Associates have been providing criminal defense services to individuals charged in criminal cases due to alleged crimes committed in Los Angeles, CA for numerous years. Criminal defense lawyers at this law firm have several offices throughout the greater Los Angeles area. This Los Angeles criminal defense law firm is proud to announce that the Gurovich, Berk & Associates have opened an office in the Downtown Los Angeles areas located at 355 South Grand Ave, #2450, Los Angeles, California 90071. Their Los Angeles criminal defense office is centrally located in the financial district in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles specifically to those clients who reside or work near the Downtown area.

If you have been arrested, charged or under investigation for misdemeanor, felony, or federal crime in Los Angeles, California please call us to set up an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION. Please allow our expert team of Los Angeles criminal attorneys to offer you the assistance and support of a criminal defense law firm that has extensive experience with the federal and state court system throughout all the cities in the Los Angeles county as you face this most unfortunate experience. We are solely a criminal defense law firm. That is all we do and have done since our inception.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving and a related accidet, it is in your best interest to retain a knowledgeable, experienced and aggressive DUI lawyer in Los Angeles. A qualified DUI lawyer in our Los Angeles law firm can educate you as to your options, assist you in making critical decisions, investigate the factors that led to your arrest, and skillfully examine law enforcement personnel. A qualified DUI attorney in our Van Nuys criminal defense law firm will be in your corner aggressively defending your rights with the goal of successfully fighting your DUI charges. The DUI attorneys at Gurovich, Berk & associates, have investigated and litigated thousands of DUI cases in all the major cities Los Angeles county. Our DUI lawyers will scrutinize whether the Field Sobriety Tests (FST's) were administered correctly and use any mistake by law enforcement to our client's benefit in securing either a dismissal or a reduction of the charges. In addition, our LA criminal defense attorneys will scrutinize the chemical test results and will bring to light any possible testing or administration errors. Our Los Angeles criminfal attorneys will aggressively defend your interests so that you will receive the best outcome of your Los Angeles DUI case.

In dealing with a Los Angeles DUI case whether involving alcohol or controlled substances, you will need an experienced Los Angeles criminal attorney that will test the validity of the field sobriety tests and/or blood/breath tests in your case and work diligently to provide you with the best possible outcome of your Los Angeles DUI case. Los Angeles DUI lawyers at the Gurovich, Berk & Associates are familiar and experienced with the DMV along with all the criminal courts. Our DUI defense attorneys will aggressively defend your interests so that you will receive the best outcome of your Los Angeles DUI case.

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